Sun, 21 July 2024 
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TheWebWatcher How It Works

How It Works

TheWebWatcher is a free content monitoring service that periodically watches web pages and other Internet resources for keyword related content or changes.

The monitoring structure of TheWebWatcher is based on user-defined “watch points” (monitors or filters). There are two types of monitoring filters – those that tracks for changes and others that track for keyword related content.

Each monitor is checked against Internet resources like web pages, ftp servers, etc. on specific monitoring interval defined separately for each monitor.

If the monitor is configured to watch for changes, it will prepare an initial copy of the resource and then compare the pages from other checks with that copy. If a the monitor is configured to track changes, then the watching engine will make entry-point copy of the page and then save a cache copy for you for each change. The changes will be highlighted with yellow background in the cached copy.

When the monitor is configured to watch for keyword related content it will keep snippets from the text that are related with your keywords. If there's a change in those snippets, the monitoring engine will triggered the monitor and send you an alert message. As well as when tracking for changes the agent will save a cached copy of the page, so you'll be able to revise that changes later.

For example if you want to watch for the word "PDA" at the top rated TechNews Sites, you can create a new monitor with the name "PDA monitor", enter keyword string "PDA" and define the URLs of CNET news, CNN-Technology and TechWeb.

Please, feel free to contact us if you have any specific questions, comments or recommendations.
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