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Web Content Monitoring Service
The Web Watcher is a free content monitoring service that tracks web pages, web sites and other Internet resources for keyword related content or changes. Supported are HTTP, HTTPS, FTP and FTPS protocols.
This service analyzes the content of web pages and RSS feeds and sends alerts if there are any changes. The wide range of options allows users to configure their watch-monitors in an appropriate way to track only desired information. A detailed reporting system keeps information from every check and gives real-time picture for every change on the monitored resource. The service is free of charge and can be used without installing any software.
  • various monitoring intervals (starting from 1h.);
  • flexible notification system;
  • cached copies of changed pages;
  • detailed logs for all checks;
  • support of advanced search operators;
  • possibility of defining custom cookies on checks;
  • choose between different user-agent strings;
  • private, system, user defined and shared URL groups;
  • time zones support;
  • no software needed on your computer;
  • watch RSS/RDF feeds (NEW)
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    > Animal Planet News
    > LGGN Current Animal News
    > Animal Conncerns News

    > Yahoo! Auctions
    > eBay Featured Items
    > The UK's Free Online Auction House
    Breaking news

    > Yahoo! News
    > World News
    > Reuters News

    > TechNewsWorld: All Tech, All the Time
    > Sci/Tech News for the World
    > Technology news


    > Pulitzer news
    > New books
    > Weekly book reviews and literary analysis from the Times Literary Supplement
    > Literature events

    > Medicine news
    > Health and medical information
    > Medicine and Health news

    > Upcoming Movies
    > The Internet Movie Database (IMDb)
    > Yahoo! Movies


    > Classical Music News
    > MTV: New releases
    > MTV News
    > Virgin's Music News
    Online shops

    > - new products
    > Amazon's New Releases

    > All the latest science and technology news
    > Science News
    > ScienceDaily Magazine's News

    > Eurosport's News
    > Latest sport news from WN Network
    > BBC's Sport news

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